Andy Wong

Software Engineer (iOS)

"I help build iOS apps that I would want to use myself.
Always available, willing to listen to ideas, and seek to complete projects I promise to deliver"

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About Me

"I take on projects because I am passionable about them. I enjoy the process of idea to production. I will be there every part of the way from forming features, to building them out, and when the app is in the app store."


Work I have done in the past or am working on now

Days of LeetCode Swift


Using ARKit, I helped Membit build out new AR features for their Hudson Yards project. I also used UIKit and Swift to revamp their UI/UX.

Days of LeetCode Swift


Working on two application for Lover from scratch. I helped design, prototype, build and bring their two apps into production. I used Swift, SceneKit, and Python to build thier applications.



I take on freelance work for smaller jobs such as a quick bug fix and an immediate feature implementation.


Small projects I work on in my own freetime.

Days of LeetCode Swift align=


Currently building up my algorithm skills while under the 2020 Covid-19 quarantine. I am using leetcode to help build out my algorithm skills with my github to show.

100 Days Of Algorithms


An attempt to write code and solve at least one algorithm per day for 100 days. The goal of this project is to end up with 100 days of algorithm completion, enhance coding skills, learn syntax by changing programming languages every 25 algorithms and to just have some fun and learn! Currently, I have used Java. I am currently using Python, and plan to use Javascript next. I am still deciding on the final language.



A simple app I created with a focus on the events that are about to happen. How many times have you created new group chats just for an event that is happening and you need to add that one or two extra friends to the chat? Well this app solves the problem by creating chats that are based on the event. And, with a tap of a button, you can add the event info into you calendar so you will never forget!

My Interests

Here are some hobbies I have. These are activities I do on my free time outside of class.